Works Featured in Books

“Evolving Skyscraper.” Limited Edition Skyscrapers Book. Ed. Carlo Aiello. Los Angeles, CA: eVolo LLC., 2011. 918-921. Print. 

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Works Featured in Magazines

BySpace Press in China, Links Books Barcelona Spain, REVIEW Magazine Yerevan, AM, Sep 2010, NEWMAG Magazine, Yerevan, AM, June 2008. Additional publication requests by IA&B India, B1 MAG Thailand, Vision Magazine Philippines..


Works Featured in Non-Print Media,,,,, etc..


Authored Papers (Armenian)

“Complex Configuration Residential Buildings, Contemporary Developments” Scientific Work Collection. YSUAC. Yerevan: YSUAC Pub., 2011. Print.

 “The Scene of the Mass Housing Architecture, Precast Concrete Construction and Complex Configuration Residential Buildings”  Scientific Work Collection. YSUAC. Yerevan: YSUAC Pub., 2011. Print.

“The Development of Complex Configuration Residential Buildings in Their Nascent Stages” Scientific Work Collection. YSUAC. Yerevan: YSUAC Pub., 2010. Print.


Authored Articles in News*papers/sites (Armenian)

“The Start of the Project x-commons.” Ed. E. Baghdasaryan. Yerevan, AM., 2016. <>

“New Project;” Ed. H. Ghahriyan. Yerevan, AM., 2016. <>



“’Unsubscribing from Invalid Architectural Thinking’ Interview with Vahan Misakyan.” Interview by A. Poghosyan. Architecture and Construction Magazine, Founded by the Union of Architects and the Union of Constructors of Armenia Nov. 2013: 22-25. Print.