Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

> M.S. in Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices in Architecture, 2012-2014

Thesis: “The New Image of Human: anthropo*metric/morphic guide for digital civics”
Thesis Advisor: Mark Wigley, Ph.D.

> M.S. in Advanced Architectural Design, 2011-2012

Advanced Studios of: J. Reiser + N. Umemoto, B. Tschumi, M. Kushner + J. Mayer


Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction
(currently; National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia)

> Postgraduate Research Studies (Residential Architecture and Construction), 2009-2011

Research Topic: “Complex Configuration Residential Buildings” 
Advisor: G. Rashidyan, Ph.D.

> Diploma in Architecture (terminal/professional degree in architecture), 2003-2009

Diploma/Thesis project: “Multifunctional Complex in Armenia”
Published in print and non-print media. Awarded honorary degrees.



> Founder and Director

Surveillant City Lab (, Aug 2018-present

The Lab is charged to collect, catalog, and develop advanced techniques that afford an inquiry and a representation of the city beyond the map, or the normative architectural gaze. Work is primarily conducted through code (e.g. Python programming) and implementations (e.g. of ML techniques).

> Founder and Curator

Platform (Network + Forum + Collection + Publication), June 2015-present

The platform is established as an open collaborative to increase the spatial-theoretical understanding of the commons plus aesthetics, with a current focus on underlying infrastructure of things, protocols, concepts, and presuppositions informing the project of design at the time of surveillant environmental mandate.


> Director, Independent Practitioner

vahan-architecture(.com), Yerevan, Armenia, 2008-12, 2016-present

Independent design and research practice. Conducted research through actual and hypothetical architecture as collective identity interpositions. Published proposals, built projects, including corporate and residential interiors. Completed a design commissioned in Yerevan, approximately 23 k square feet multi-use complex.



University of Minnesota, College of Design, School of Architecture
> Cass Gilbert Visiting Assistant Professor, Jan 2018-present

Designed, taught/teaching graduate studio courses, advanced representation seminars, a design theory seminar. Taught final/thesis studio. Developed, published an exhibition. Developing two publications. Curating a lecture series and a school-wide workshop. Advising and Serving on committees. Directing the “DA Program” at the College of Design. Completing a year-long “Faculty Leadership Development Program.” Founded and Directing a research lab.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
> Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, Jan-May, 2015
AAD Global Metropolis Studio with Markus Dochantschi, critic

> Associate, Advanced Studio V, Aug-Dec, 2014
Studio, “Habitable Bridge” M. Dochantschi, critic

> Teaching Assistant, Advanced Studio V, Fall 2012
Studio, “Re-Creation” M. Dochantschi, critic




3D modeling, Parametrics, CGI – pro. level - 8 years + experience in 3dsMax, in Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Compositing + Animation and Particle FXs, VRay, MentalRay, FinalRender, Fryrender + Arion. Working experience in Rhino + Grasshopper

CAD & BIM – 8 years + experience in AutoCad, overall knowledge of Revit and Catia

3D Animation & Editing – AdobeSuite, knowledge of camera tracking techniques and software

Coding & Web-Development – experience in Python with webscraping/datamining, ML implementation, experience in Processing, IOS SDK + c, Html & Css + J-Query

Digital Fabrication Experience – 3D-printing, laser-cutting + overall knowledge of large scale fabrication methods and principles


Fluent English, Russian, Native Armenian



Emerging Architect of the Year, International Design Awards, LA, 2008

First Prize, International Best Diploma Projects Show-Competition, International Public Organization of Promoting Architectural Education, RF, 2009

First Prize, Living Home of the Future, I-TOON “Best Living Home of the Future” AM, 2008



Works Featured in Books

“Evolving Skyscraper.” Limited Edition Skyscrapers Book. Ed. Carlo Aiello. Los Angeles, CA: eVolo LLC., 2011. 918-921. Print. 

“Evolving Skyscraper.” UTOPIA FOREVER: Visions of Architecture and Urbanism. Ed. R. Klanten and L. Feireiss. Berlin: Gestalten, 2011. 144-45. Print. 

“Hotel in Yerevan.” 08 BOOK OF DESIGN, Annual IDA Book No. 02. International Design Awards. Los Angeles, CA: IDA TM., 2009. Print.

Works Featured in Magazines

BySpace Press in China, Links Books Barcelona Spain, REVIEW Magazine Yerevan, AM, Sep 2010, NEWMAG Magazine, Yerevan, AM, June 2008. Additional publication requests by IA&B India, B1 MAG Thailand, Vision Magazine Philippines..

Works Featured in Non-Print Media,,,,, etc..

Authored Papers (Armenian)

“Complex Configuration Residential Buildings, Contemporary Developments” Scientific Work Collection. YSUAC. Yerevan: YSUAC Pub., 2011. Print.

 “The Scene of the Mass Housing Architecture, Precast Concrete Construction and Complex Configuration Residential Buildings”  Scientific Work Collection. YSUAC. Yerevan: YSUAC Pub., 2011. Print.

“The Development of Complex Configuration Residential Buildings in Their Nascent Stages” Scientific Work Collection. YSUAC. Yerevan: YSUAC Pub., 2010. Print.

Authored Articles in News*papers/sites (Armenian)

“The Start of the Project x-commons.” Ed. E. Baghdasaryan. Yerevan, AM., 2016. <>

“New Project;” Ed. H. Ghahriyan. Yerevan, AM., 2016. <>


“’Unsubscribing from Invalid Architectural Thinking’ Interview with Vahan Misakyan.” Interview by A. Poghosyan. Architecture and Construction Magazine, Founded by the Union of Architects and the Union of Constructors of Armenia Nov. 2013: 22-25. Print.


Misakyan, Vahan. “Surveillant Environmental Mandate and Design.” Presented at the AIA’19 MN — The Minnesota Conference on Architecture. Minneapolis, MN, Nov. 2019.

Architecting Anthropoveillance, 11 Feb - 17 Apr. 2019. HGH Gallery, Rapson Hall, University of Minnesota. Twin Cities.

Misakyan, Vahan. “Surveillant City.” Rapson Hall, UMN Twin Cities Campus. April 2019. Lecture

Misakyan, Vahan. “Architecting Anthropoveillance.” Rapson Hall, UMN Twin Cities Campus. November 2018. Lecture. 


University of Minnesota

School of Architecture, Diversity Committee, Member, Fall 2018 - present

School of Architecture, Admissions Committee, Reviewer, School of Architecture, Fall 2018

School of Architecture, Ad-Hoc Representation and Research Committee, Member, Fall 2018

College of Design, Design Technology Committee, Member, Fall 2018 - present

College of Design, Digital Assistants Program Director, Fall 2018 - present

Columbia University in the City of New York

President of the Armenian Society of Columbia University, 2011-2012